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Intuition, often referred to as the ‘sixth sense’, is an intriguing and mysterious aspect of human cognition. It’s that inexplicable feeling, a gut reaction, that arises without conscious reasoning, guiding us through decisions with an almost ethereal presence.

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Lynn McTaggart

I first discovered Lynn McTaggart at the beginning of my journey into New Thought and Alternative thinking. I began by reading ‘The Field’ and was surprised and delighted by Lynn’s openness and willingness to take on “radical” ideas and theories.

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The Mysteries of Synchronicity

Unlocking the Mysteries of Synchronicity: Where Science Meets Spirituality Introduction Synchronicity is a concept that has intrigued humanity for centuries, blurring the lines between science and spirituality. Coined by Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung, synchronicity refers to the meaningful and seemingly coincidental occurrence of events that cannot be explained by conventional causality but hold deep personal significance for those who experience them. This phenomenon challenges our understanding of reality, prompting us to explore the intersection of science...

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The 11 Universal Truths that could Change your Life!

The 11 Universal Truths. The 11 Universal Truths – The world truly is your oyster – no, really, it is! All you have to do is understand the 11 Universal Truths, and they could change your life. Since you were old enough to form your first independent thought, you’ve been deceived. You CAN live your life the way you want, you CAN have all that you want, you CAN do all the things that you want...