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Love, the most powerful force in the Universe. The glue that binds all together. The very essence of the Universe.

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Grandparents wisdom.

Being a new parent is daunting, and kids don’t come with an instruction manual. But there is a wealth of experience available to any new parents if they are wise and clever enough to take advantage of it – grandparents wisdom. Always love your children for what they are, not what you want or expect them to be. Their happiness = your peace of mind. Your main job is to prepare them to make decisions for...

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Look for the good and the good will always find you!

“Lift up your eyes and see the good in the world, for we are people with an amazing capacity to do great good. And if only the minority choose to exercise this capacity to the smallest degree, oh how wondrous and sweet the deeds performed at but a few hands!” ― Richelle E. Goodrich, Slaying Dragons: Quotes, Poetry, & a few Short Stories for Every Day of the Year. It is easy to see this world...

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Grow by Giving

The Act of Giving. One act of giving per day. That’s all it takes to make a real difference. And the most amazing thing of all? The main beneficiary is you! You can grow by giving! You don’t have to spend a fortune, sometimes your time is worth more than any money you can give. It doesn’t have to be a huge grand gesture either, often the littlest, most insignificant things mean the most. My partner...

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What is love?

Love and Life. Love and life are inextricably linked. Without love, there would be no life, and without life, there would be no love. What is love? Scientists and songwriters have been trying to answer the question, ‘What is Love’, for hundreds of years, however, neither has been able to come up with a definitive answer. It is the most perplexing of human emotions, and further is it just a human emotion? As neuroscientists learn more...

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The 11 Universal Truths that could Change your Life!

The 11 Universal Truths. The 11 Universal Truths – The world truly is your oyster – no, really, it is! All you have to do is understand the 11 Universal Truths, and they could change your life. Since you were old enough to form your first independent thought, you’ve been deceived. You CAN live your life the way you want, you CAN have all that you want, you CAN do all the things that you want...