Catherine Ponder

Catherine Ponder: Pillar of the New Thought Movement

Catherine Ponder

I first came across Catherine Ponder in 2020. Her work was brought to my attention by an Inspirational Speaker called Justin Perry, (you will hear more of Justin in a later blog). I first read her most famous book, ‘The Dymnamic Laws of Prosperity‘, and found it to be extremely inspiring, and have carried a fondness for her work with me ever since. It is for this reason that I have decided to write a peace to celebrate Catherine Ponder. Enjoy!

Catherine Ponder was a minister, teacher, and prolific author, who stands tall in the annals of the New Thought movement, and has cementing her place as one of its most influential voices. She had an uncanny ability to distill complex principles into accessible and understandable teachings, and her contributions continue to resonate through the New Thought community.

Personal Biography

Catherine Ponder was born in 1927 in Hartsville, South Carolina. Raised during the Great Depression, she witnessed firsthand the challenges and hardships that shaped those of her generation. These formative experiences undoubtedly sowed the seeds of her lifelong pursuit of abundance — not just materially, but spiritually and emotionally.

Her early years were not without trouble. As a young widow, Catherine Ponder faced many challenges as she worked to support herself and her son. These challenges, however, only fortified her belief in the transformative power of positive thinking and affirmation.

Catherine Ponder’s spiritual journey was significantly shaped by her affiliation with the Unity Church, a New Thought organisation. It was at the Unity Church that she trained as a minister and subsequently led several churches, including ones in Birmingham, Alabama, and Austin, Texas.

Professional Endeavors & Collaborations

Catherine Ponder’s most profound impact came through her writing. Starting in the 1960s, she wrote a series of books that have become major influential works within the New Thought movement.

While Catherine Ponder’s work largely stands out on its own, she was inevitably influenced by other New Thought leaders of her time. People like Charles Fillmore, the co-founder of Unity Church, and Florence Scovel Shinn, another stalwart of the New Thought movement, who were significant influencers in the backdrop of her work. Catherine Ponder also echoed the teachings of Ernest Holmes, founder of the Religious Science movement.


Catherine Ponder’s bibliography is extensive. Some of her most influential works include:

The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity” (1962): Arguably her magnum opus, this book delves deep into the spiritual laws that govern prosperity and abundance. Its teachings have touched countless lives, helping many transcend financial challenges and achieve their desires.

Open your mind to receive

Open Your Mind to Receive” (1983): A book that delves into the spiritual principles governing reception, emphasizing the importance of openness and gratitude.

The Prospering \power of Love

The Prospering Power of Love” (1966): Here, Ponder explores the transformative power of love, not just as an emotion, but as a force that can bring about material and spiritual prosperity.

The Millionaire Genesis

The Millionaires of Genesis” (1976): Ponder’s exploration of the biblical figures of Genesis, emphasizing the prosperity lessons that can be drawn from their stories.

Throughout her career, Catherine Ponder authored over a dozen books, each exploring different facets of the New Thought philosophy.

Influences & Impact on the New Thought Movement

The challenges of the Great Depression, coupled with personal adversities, significantly influenced Catherine Ponder’s understanding of wealth and prosperity. Her teachings emerged as a beacon of hope, illuminating the path to abundance in all its forms — material, emotional, and spiritual.

As I have already mentioned, Catherine Ponder was heavily influenced by the Unity Church’s teachings, which emphasizes the power of the mind and the innate divinity of every individual. Her books often mirrored and expanded upon these core beliefs.

As for her impact on the New Thought movement, it is undeniable that Catherine Ponder’s teachings on prosperity consciousness have shaped the way countless people approach the idea of wealth and abundance. She brought to the forefront the idea that prosperity isn’t just about financial wealth; it encompasses health, love, peace, and all forms of well-being.

Furthermore, Catherine Ponder’s influence can be seen in the works of subsequent New Thought teachers. Figures like Louise Hay, whose work emphasizes the power of affirmations and positive thinking, and clearly echoes the foundational principles set down by Catherine Ponder.


Catherine Ponder’s journey, from facing the hardships of the Depression era to emerging as a guiding light in the New Thought movement, is nothing short of inspirational. Her teachings, rooted in personal experience and deep spiritual insight, have transformed countless lives. As a beacon of hope and a proponent of prosperity in its truest sense, Catherine Ponder’s legacy in the New Thought movement remains both influential and enduring.


I was 52 years old before I learned my most important life lessons: Life can be so much easier than we choose to make it. My life is in my hands – it is what I make of it. Life can be as happy, loving, joyous, fulfilling and downright amazing as I choose it to be. The Universe loves me and wants me to be happy, prosperous, fulfilled. Things will always turn out for the best in the end. Have faith, let things go, ask and trust in the Universe. I have a choice! I have always had a choice! And I have more power and opportunity than I ever realised!

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